There’s really not a whole lot of these poor bastards left; the Christianisation (it’s a word now) of Ireland was pretty relentless and it’s a miracle they’ve lasted this long, but they know their time is short.

35 dagda 2

DAGDA: The Irish equivalent of Odin as an All-father, well, he used to be. Still a jolly old paternal type, but he knows time is running out. His cauldron, once infinitely bountiful with food, is starting to drip dry. Despite this, he insists on wearing a big ol’ smile when someone remembers they’re around.

34 manannan 2

MANANNAN MAC LIR: The flamboyant sea god, who manages to be considerably gloomy when reminded about the depressing outlook Irish deities have in the celestial scale of things. He puts on a brave and personable face in spite of it… most of the time.

33 morrigan 2

MORRIGAN: A terrifying warrior who has been frustrated greatly for centuries since the large-scale Christian conversion of Ireland. Once she was on par with the war gods across the continent, and now she’s a shadow of her former self. There would be sympathy if she wasn’t so abrasive, however.

36 grian 2

GRIAN: The always excitable junior sun goddess, although she does not have a direct link to the mighty source of light as Apollo and Amaterasu do. Where they are great blazing infernos, she is but a tiny candle comparatively. Still, she’s a match for Ammy in terms of bubbliness and good fun, but extremely naive.


45 durga 2

DURGA: A goddess whose might resounds across the pantheons. If she fights any or all of the current war deities she’d completely destroy them, such is one known as ‘the invincible’. Durga braves the outside where her fellow Hindu deities will not, too wary of the black shadows that lurk and take away gods as swift as the blink of an eye.