Alternately, just the Greek Pantheon. These folks don’t really care for their newish names (as new as they could be, being over 2000 years old.)

39 zeus 2

ZEUS/Jupiter: The one n’ only king of the Greco-Roman deities, although indeed, as Grace mentioned, not nearly as bad as he used to be in his heyday. Still attempts to be a charmer, but doesn’t quite follow through the way he’d like to.

37 hera 2

HERA/Juno: Long suffering wife of Zeus, who finds his current centuries-long drought of extra martial affairs rather pleasant. Although, it’s hard to gauge if she finds anything pleasant with a temper so foul she has an equally rude mouth to match.


38 poseidon 2

POSEIDON/Neptune: Kickin’ rad sea god that fills the ‘cool uncle’ slot for most of Zeus’ younglings, or at least attempts to, these days. Generally mooches around the Mediterranean, occasionally even drifting idly up the Adriatic or Bosphorus when he’s exceedingly bored to spy on maritime mortals.

40 demeter 2

DEMETER/Ceres: Moody goddess of agriculture, who continues to baby Persephone despite the younger goddess not being remotely childlike (although her temper may be another story). Tends to keep her distance, doesn’t really like hanging out in groups anymore, unless it’s a meeting direly important to the wellbeing of the pantheon.

44 ares 2

ARES/Mars: Potentially the only god who hasn’t dramatically changed over the last couple of millennia on Olympus, which kinda is bad considering who he is. Dislikes how weak he seems in modern reimaginings whenever he hears of them, but pays them no more heed than that. All’s fair in love and war? Not quite, he seems to take Aphrodite for granted. Not someone to attempt to cuddle up to, for good reason.

13 aphrodite 2APHRODITE/Venus: Notorious love goddess in cahoots with her fellow love ladies across other pantheons, acts like their leader. She insists she’s a nice deity, you just have to dig under the tendency to gossip terribly about her fellow gods.

41 hephaestus 2

HEPHAESTUS/Vulcan: Also relatively calmed down from his slightly dickish ways of myth, well, until he hangs out with Hermes and Apollo and they get ideas about pranking their relatives, or his wife. He shares a special vitriolic relationship with Aphrodite, they just love to hate each other.

21 athena 2

ATHENA/Minerva: Warrior goddess of wisdom, and extraordinarily cranky. Can’t blame her, you’d be the same if you were born out of a migraine, and she certainly acts like the owly personification of one.

APOLLO: The western hemisphere’s answer to Amaterasu, another sun deity like she is, with his moon deity counterpart being his twin, Artemis. Has a predilection for little pranks here n’ there, occasionally teaming up with Hermes or Hephaestus if plotting against his pantheon.

32 artemis 2

ARTEMIS/Diana: Apollo’s twin, and Tsukiyomi’s Greek female equivalent, essentially. Keeps to herself, preferably with little company on her night time brooding excursions, but will tolerate her brother and Athena most of the time. Utterly and blissfully unaware about the hero worship (or whatever it is) Persephone has suddenly spawned about her.

42 hermes 2

HERMES/Mercury: Most of the time he’s running reconnaissance for Zeus around the world, because Zeus is obnoxiously nosy, so he’s generally absent from Olympus. When he is though, he’s fairly cranky because no one will tell him what the Hades is going on if he comes back and the place is turning itself upside down. Understandably, as a messenger god, it’s kind of stupid to be left that much out of the loop!

22 hades 2

HADES/Pluto: God of the smallest but most densely populated Underworld, and perhaps the only god who manages to truly put a stop to any Underworld-based quarrel or feud, therefore actually keeping it in one piece. Has no idea why Grace is fond of him, as he’s not fond of her ego but acknowledges she is useful to keep around.

23 persephone 2

PERSEPHONE/Prosperina: Daughter of Zeus and Demeter and wife to Hades only in name. The deal between Olympus and Hades is only maintained so Hades can save face, as he and Persephone do not tolerate each other beyond forced cooperation as Underworld deities. Spends her time being uneasy friends with Hel, confused and utterly disinterested at Baldr’s apparent crush on her, and keeping a tab on the Underworld via her special squad of locally based famous souls.

43 hestia 2

HESTIA/Vesta: Now unfortunately lost to Olympus, but in her day she was essentially the caretaker of the younger Olympians that Zeus brought into the world without the assistance of Hera or Demeter (essentially, everyone that isn’t Hephaestus, Ares or Persephone). Athena was especially fond of her.