16 odin 2

ODIN: Ruler of the Norse gods, a deity of few words but a thousand scowls. Not exactly the most accommodating, normally.

17 frigga 2

FRIGGA: Sister to Thor but also wife to Odin. Gods, huh? She’s a nice woman who is super protective of her son Baldr, for obvious reasons.

14 thor 2

THOR: Boisterous and brash but fairly harmless these days, at least, if you’re not Baldr. The storm god spends these days hanging out or sparring with Freya.

15 freya 2

FREYA: The third of the love goddess triumvirate, but the most romantic and genuinely nice one by far. Freya may be the last Vanir as far as Valhalla’s concerned, but there’s a few things they don’t know about her.

18 baldr 2

BALDR: The GOLDEN GOD~ as he likes to proclaim, he’s a touch (super) arrogant. Recently ousted by Hel into the living gods once more, for reasons the Norse aren’t entirely sure of but massively speculate anyway.

20 hel 2

HEL: As far as the Norse are concerned, she released Baldr on account of having a massive crush on him. Hel refuses to divulge but it’s safe to say his ungrateful prejudice on account of her skeletal legs does cut her deep. In the Underworld however, she has an awkward friendship with Persephone and a huge chip in her shoulder with Izanami.

19 loki 2

LOKI: The one and only trickster god…although he has largely renounced this after recently being released from his imprisonment thanks to his daughter’s generosity towards Baldr. Of course, he can’t resist a quick quip every so often!