12 ra 2

AMUN-RA: You can call him Ra for short. He minds the sun more so than his flock of deities, which is more what he should be doing. Overdue his rebirth cycle a good long while now, it shows in him being far more lackadaisical than normal. At least he’s a nice fellow. EDIT: Uh oh, uh… it looks like the immortal got his eternal life cut short here…

7 osiris 2

OSIRIS: Brother-husband of Isis, father of Horus and brother/victim of Set. The victim part has been since mended, at least, so now he plays second in command around Aaru. His Underworld tenure is where he actually fields a snark that normally only his sister-wife maintains.

6 isis 2

ISIS: Sister-wife to Osiris, sister to Set, mother of Horus. The epitome of fed up, and you would be too if the last time you were relevant was before the Common Era.

8 horus 2

HORUS: Son of Isis and Osiris, mercifully less keen on keeping it in the family. Where his parents would be mildly antagonistic or mildly annoyingly friendly, Horus is an infuriatingly neutral halfway between the two.

9 hathor 2

HATHOR: Goddess of love and gossiping with her BFF Aphrodite, this lady spends a lot of her time with Sekhmet inhabiting a cat’s body, mostly to prevent the goddess from murdering everything in a 100 mile radius of Egypt. Not the slightest bit happy with that arrangement as you can imagine.

11 maiat 2

MA’AT: She is for truth and justice! …aaand not a whole lot else. This lady is a little ostracised by the rest of the Egyptians for some reason. Maybe it’s the lack of hobbies?

10 sekhmet 2

SEKHMET: War goddess and probably the most frightening of them all (and boy are they generally a scary bunch as it is), this lioness goddess has to be kept calm and diminutive via Hathor-augmented cat-form also known as Bastet to prevent mass murders of mortals and possibly gods alike. She does not appreciate nicknames, or anything else, really.

24 set 2

SET: Brother of Osiris and Isis, uncle to Horus and father of Anubis (at least he says so). Has been locked away for the last couple thousand of years, more even, since his murder attempt on Osiris. He is harbouring some dark connection that most of his pantheon don’t even know about, and has been making plenty dubiously good use of it!